Set Your Garden Apart with Brick Landscape Edging

Do you need a great way to make your garden stand apart from the features of your yard? Brick landscape edging will give your garden its own separate identity from the rest of your landscape. At the same time it will do other things that are important to anyone who spends a lot of time manicuring their garden.

This type of landscape edging is easy to install so you will be able to save money when it comes to hiring someone to edge your garden for you. You will be able to provide a spectacular look for your garden in the matter of one or two days. There are a few things that you will want to know if you plan to install your own edging.

Landscape Edging to Keep Stuff Out

Brick landscape edging is the perfect way to keep weeds and grass out of your garden so that you will not have to spend as much time plucking and pulling to maintain a beautiful look. In order to take advantage of this benefit you will first have to spend a little bit of time removing any grass and weeds where you plan to create the border for your garden. When you are finished there should be a spot filled with dirt where you plan to install your landscape edging.

Measure your Edging

Next, you will need to measure the edge that you intend to line with the bricks. You will do this so that you know how many bricks you will need to fill in the edge that you have created by pulling out the grass and weeds. Once you have the correct measurement of the edge of your garden you will be ready to order bricks to place in the available space. You will need to create a deep enough trench to place the bricks and move the dirt up beside them for support. You also want to keep in mind the height of the bricks so that you will be able to get everything level once you are finished.

Level Out Your  Edging

Once you have dug the trench and placed your brick landscape edging in the spot where you want them you will want to be sure that all of the bricks are level. This may require you to shift the dirt around some, but after you have tweaked every brick to the same height you will have a glorious display. You may want to wet the ground with a water hose so that the bricks will be able to settle in a little firmer and be supported a little better. If you would like to know more about brick or are looking for other type of landscape design advice visit based landscape design company specialising in Landscape construction and residential garden planing. Landscaping Balwyn is a particular suburb in Melbourne that H&S Landscaping focuses on due to the large properties and central location.

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